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Energy conservation makes good economic sense. A reduction in utility bills and a maintenance cost directly relate to increased profit for the lowers. Vision lighting design has in houseenergy use evaluation expertise and experience with the design and construction of Leed "Gold" classified buildings.

Landscape lighting to link us with the natural world and expand space

-Deliver the built solution on budget and on time
-Use energy wisely and keep running costs with in project expectations
-Deliver abuilt solution that performs for the life time of the project formatting,is easy to maintain
-Deliver a lighting solution that is safe and appropriate to the activity of the space
-Providing the right quantity and quality of light for people to do their tasks
-Create a lighting solution that is appropriate to the cultural and geographical context
-Reinforce the original architectural /interior /landscape design concept
-Provide a lighting solution that is as simple as it can be mark the passage of time with shifting light colour and intensities.